User Fee Schedule


MEMBERS: These fees are an estimate of the operating and maintenance cost, including a
subsidy through the IOF funding
NON MEMBERS: These fees cover the full operating costs, with no subsidy. These are the fees
that should be charged for use of the facilities by non-members
CONTRACTS and GRANTS: These fees cover the full operating and capital costs, calculated as
depreciation of the capital value over 8 years. These fees should be included in the budgets of
proposals for grants and contracts to indicate the full value being provided through the use of
CARN facilities. If the MEMBERS (e.g. partner organizations) or NON-MEMBERS (e.g. non-partner
organizations) fees are used in the budget then the difference form the “grants and
contracts” fee can be indicated as an in-kind contribution from SOCAAR.
Fees are given for the use of an entire facility which may not be appropriate for some facilities or
some studies. The fee for a specific instrument(s) can be estimated per $100,000 capital value
of the instrument(s) using the fees in the “Instrument” row.
The total user fee charge should be calculated by multiplying these daily user fees by the total
number of days or partial days that the instrument or facility will be needed in a study.