July 15, 2021

Ontario is opening up for Step 3: What you need to know as you head inside to share air with strangers

According to Dr. Jeffrey Siegel, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Toronto, there's no magic bullet for improving indoor air quality. Rather it’s making sure HVAC systems are working and set to circulate as much fresh air as possible, bringing in portable HEPA filters and even cracking doors and windows if needed, looking at the risk in each space. Read more

June 15, 2021

New project to develop targeted air monitoring solution for industrial sites

RE_SOCAAR Media Release NSERC-OCE Project_Media Release

SOCAAR is pleased to announce that we have recently secured a project
“AirSENCE-FIM Sensor Networks for Reliable and Affordable Fence-line and Community Air Quality Monitoring” under NSERC Alliance - OCE VIP program for academic and industry collaboration. This project aims to address global air quality challenges, specifically, surrounding industrial manufacturing sites for the monitoring of pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dihydrogen sulphide (H 2 S). Read more

June 9, 2021

Doctors call for Canada to adopt airborne transmission protocols for COVID-19

"The connection between ventilation and infectious disease has been very well established and people knew it 200 years ago. There is nothing new about ventilation,” Jeffrey Siegel, professor of civil engineering at the University of Toronto. Read more

March 12,2021

Air pollution dropped significantly during the pandemic

RE_Jeff Brook_Mar13-2021_MediaCoverage

Dr. Jeff Brook's app that explores air quality and the health of communities is featured in this episode of CBC News: The National. Learn more in his interview

March 13, 2021

Cleaner air during pandemic lockdowns shows what's possible, say researchers

"What COVID is showing … is that the moment that the lockdown started, we saw bigger gains or equal gains [in air quality] as to what we achieved over 10 years of efforts," says Dr. Jeff Brook Read more

February 17, 2021

The UrbanScanner Project: Mobile monitoring of air pollution in cities

Prof. Marianne Hatzopoulou and her research team developed UrbanScanner, a rolling laboratory capable of monitoring air quality, traffic, trees and built environment in urban settings. Read more

February 11, 2021

Air pollution in US subway stations is disturbingly high

The new findings fit well with other research on subway systems around the world, which indicates that rush hour fine particle concentrations can make up a large proportion of commuters’ daily exposures, says Keith Van Ryswyk, a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto’s Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research. Read more

February 6, 2021

Is an $800 purifier best to clean your home's air? Marketplace tested 5 top brands and their claims

Working with Prof. Jeffrey Siegel and his team, Marketplace put five popular brands of home air purifiers to the test. Read more

February 3, 2021

U of T researchers develop app to track environmental health of neighbourhoods

Researchers at the University of Toronto are developing an app that allows users to learn about air quality, greenery, walkability and other factors contributing to the environmental health of their neighbourhoods.Read more

January 15, 2021

How to keep the air in your home cleaner this winter, and why it's so important

"The first thing you should always try for any indoor air-quality problem is getting rid of the source," said Jeffrey Siegel, a professor at the University of Toronto's department of civil & mineral engineering. He noted dealing with the source is preferred to trying to purify polluted air.Read more

January 6, 2021

Hatzopoulou presentation on transportation & net-zero goals explored in depth by

A webinar given by Prof. Marianne Hatzopoulou on December 2, 2020 for the U of T Engineering Skule Lunch & Learn Seminar Series is featured in an in-depth article by more

December 17, 2020

Classrooms, air quality and COVID-19: What steps are Canadian school boards taking to improve ventilation?

“Going into winter, ventilation is going to be a hard thing to do well and so it makes sense to supplement it with filtration, especially where it’s most needed, where we can’t do much with ventilation,” Prof. Jeffrey Siegel said on the issue of indoor air quality in classrooms. Read more

December 9, 2020

Hatzopoulou: The Paradox of Net-Zero: Cities, Transportation & Health

Professor Marianne Hatzopoulou presented “The Paradox of Net-Zero: Cities, Transportation & Health” on December 2, 2020 for the U of T Engineering Skule Lunch & Learn Seminar Series. Read more