Associated Research Networks


The Canadian Urban Environment Health Research Consortium (CANUE) aims to increase scientific understanding of the interactions among the physical features of the urban environment and health. This understanding will lead to cost-effective actions promoting healthy childhood development and aging, reducing the burden of chronic disease, and minimizing the impact of changing environments.

CANUE is made up of members from academia, government, and organizations active in urban environmental health research and policy. This team of specialists use and develop tools to process complex data from diverse sources into a simple, easily readable common format. CANUE provides data directly to researchers and a wide range of health data organizations who pre-link and distribute data securely. These resources can help answer complex research questions in a single neighbourhood or across countries with ease using comparable data.

By collaborating with similar initiatives around the world, CANUE is developing standard measures of environmental factors, giving environmental health researchers a remarkable opportunity to uncover how these factors create both positive and negative impacts on human health.

The following SOCAAR principal investigators are also involved in CANUE: Jeffrey Brook (CANUE Scientific Director), Greg Evans and Marianne Hatzopoulou.