Post-doctoral Fellows
SOCAAR is always interested in hearing from exceptional researchers for post-doctoral positions. Candidates are invited to send their C.V. directly to the Principal Investigators whose research focus best matches their research interests.


Graduate Students
SOCAAR is also searching for top-level graduate students on an ongoing basis. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in association with SOCAAR must be admitted into the home department or program of one of the Principal Investigators. Students are encouraged to send their résumé directly to them to enquire about the availability of positions within their research groups.

Current thesis topics include:

  • Inexpensive sensor arrays for measuring air pollutants
  • Assessment of the health impacts of air pollutants on lung transplant recipients
  • Impacts of aerosol on cloud formation and climate
  • Evaluation of air pollution arising from energy mining and processing operations
  • Detailed characterization of organic aerosol from vehicles or forest fires
  • Laboratory and field investigation of atmospheric oxidation
  • Sources of black and organic carbon in the arctic and other remote locations
  • Modelling and measurement of traffic related air pollutants near major roadways
  • Evaluation of the toxicity of emissions from new vehicle technologies
  • Development and application of data mining tools to identify the sources of air pollutants


Summer Students
Summer research positions are sometimes available. Undergraduate students with high academic standing interested in working with SOCAAR are encouraged submit their résumé directly to a Principal Investigator before the end of February.