Research Areas

Identifying Pollutant Sources

The pollutant mix people are exposed to is the result of emissions from many pollutant sources. We are measuring the detailed chemical composition of this mixture and then applying statistical data mining to identify the sources (indoor as well as outdoor). We then unravel their respective contributions and how particles change over time.

Healthy Living in Cities and Beyond

We are using different tools to estimate the exposure to air pollution and how it changes in space and time. We support cities as well as communities outside major urban areas to develop and implement air quality monitoring capacities. We notably help them better assess the levels of air pollutants by deploying networks of portable monitoring devices, AirSENCETM, that we developed in collaboration with AUG Signals. 

Linking Emissions and Health

Air pollution is the top environmental burden on health, contributing to over eight million premature deaths globally per year. We are investigating mechanisms through which exposure to air pollution is connected to different adverse health outcomes. We are evaluating the relative toxicity of different particle sources and how these effects vary across the globe.

Climate Impacts

Aerosol particles in the atmosphere can have both direct and indirect impacts on climate. We are investigating how the optical properties of particles are influenced by their composition and mixing state. We are also examining the contributions of different pollution sources to climate change.