2015-16 SOCAAR Seminar Series

If you're interested in viewing any of the seminar videos listed on this page, please email Natalie Leung (natalieyl.leung@utoronto.ca) to request access to the video link.

July 13, 2016

Dr. Carolina Font Palma, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Chester

Topic: Britain’s Path Towards Carbon Capture & Storage


April 6, 2016

Prof. Shunsuke Nakao, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Clarkson University

Topic: Bridging cloud condensation nuclei activity and volatility of oxidized organic aerosol


March 22, 2016

Prof. Glenn Morrison, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology

Topic: The influence of clothing on exposure to methamphetamine,phthalates and nicotine


March 2, 2016

Prof. Rebecca Saari, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo

Topic: Air quality co-benefits of climate policy


February 3, 2016

Jackie Ye, PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
Sepehr Salehi, MSc, Department of Medicine, University Health Network

Topic: Chronic Exposure to Atmospheric Secondary Organic Particulate Matter Enhances Airway Hyper-responsiveness to Methacholine


January 13, 2016

Dr. Scott Weichenthal, Health Canada, Air Health Effects Science Division

Topic: PM2.5 Oxidative Potential, Lung Cancer Mortality, and Acute Cardiorespiratory Outcomes in Ontario, Canada


December 9, 2015

Anna Cheng, MPhil Student, Graduate Division of Earth & Atmospheric Science The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Topic: Role of molecular structure in heterogeneous chemistry: Insights from two structural isomers of dimethylsuccinic acid


December 2, 2015

Dr. Michael J. Kleeman, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Davis

Topic:: Measurement and Modeling of Ultrafine Particles in California


November 4, 2015

Dr. Julia Burkart, Post Doctoral Fellow, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Toronto
Megan Willis, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Toronto

Topic: Exploring the connections between aerosols and clouds in the high Arctic summer


October 16, 2015

Dr. Roberto Guardani, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of São Paulo

Topic: Air quality monitoring in Megacities: studies atthe Department of Chemical Engineering,University of São Paulo


September 30, 2015

Dr. Marianne Hatzopoulou, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto

Topic: Investigating the Role of Transportation Models in Epidemiologic Studies of Traffic Related Air Pollution and Health Effects