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January 16, 2019

Fort McMurray homes had normal levels of indoor toxins after wildfire: study

Prof. Arthur Chanshares his findings on indoor contaminants that remain a year after the fire in Fort McMurray.
(CBC) (Globe and Mail) (Global News) (Toronto Star) (680 News) (CTV News)
February 10, 2019

Trucks are raining soot on Clark Dr. — and it’s cost this Vancouver man his vegetable garden

Prof. Greg Evans co-authored a new study that found Vancouver's Clark Drive has similar levels of roadside pollution as Toronto's HWY 401. Clark Drive has 10x fewer traffic than the 401 but the high number of older transport trucks accessing the Port of Vancouver along Clark Drive results in roughly the same levels of pollution measured at the roadside. Read the full article in the Vancouver Sun
February 17, 2019

Something In The Air

Profs. Greg Evans and Marianne Hatzopoulou talk to David Suzuki on The Nature of Things about their air quality research, measuring urban air pollution using a mobile lab in a cube van and portable air monitors. Catch the Trailer of the episode here