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The Canadian Aerosol Research Network (CARN) is a new initiative formally uniting the collective expertise of leading Canadian aerosol researchers from the University of Toronto, Dalhousie University and the University of British Columbia. CARN is funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and matching funds from provincial sources and other partners. At the University of Toronto, CARN is represented through the Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR), a previous CFI-supported project involving academia, government and industry. SOCAAR has already been successful in bringing together researchers from Science, Medicine, and Engineering to conduct investigations collectively.

CARN will build upon SOCAAR so as to enhance our understanding of the adverse effects of aerosol on climate, air quality, and human health. CARN will take SOCAAR to the national level; fostering multidisciplinary aerosol research from coast-to-coast, and integrating people, infrastructure and science to facilitate the investigation of four main research themes:  

  • Global and Regional Climate
  • Regional Air Quality
  • Urban and Rural Sources and Population Exposure
  • Toxicology and Human Health 

Within these themes, CARN will address significant questions relevant to issues such as population exposure to aerosol, differences between urban and rural aerosol composition, the effects of new vehicle emission technologies on urban air quality, and aerosol toxicity at the biochemical, molecular and cellular levels. Underlying CARN’s vision is the belief that these questions are best approached within a national framework that joins academic researchers from science, engineering, public health, and medicine, at multiple universities, with collaborators in the government sector. CARN will become increasingly operational as instruments arrive throughout 2012.

We welcome collaboration and encourage colleagues interested in accessing CARN’s enabling infrastructure so as to pursue collaborative studies to contact one of the members of the CARN Management Committee.

University of British Columbia: Allan Bertram (

Dalhousie University: Judy Guernsey (JRG@Dal.Ca)

University of Toronto Jon Abbatt ( and Greg Evans (

Further details can be found at along with the names and contact information of affiliated investigators at UofT.