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Research Studies

SOCAAR’s investigators collaborate together in multidisciplinary studies. These studies involve personnel and instruments from several research groups affiliated with SOCAAR, often in partnership with government or other organisations. Some studies are lab based whereas others involve intensive field campaigns. The intensive campaigns involve the simultaneous operation of a suite of instruments for several weeks at a site of particular interest, in order to investigate the atmospheric phenomena from multiple perspectives. The availability of MAPLE (Mobile Analysis of ParticuLates in the Environment) has greatly facilitated participation in these campaigns.

Click the links below for information on current or past studies and campaigns:

1) Air Quality during PanAm Games 2015


3) Near Road Monitoring Pilot Study



6) Health Effects of Aerosols in Toronto (HEAT) Campaign: February-March, 2010

7) Egbert Campaign: May, 2009

8) City of Toronto Campaign: September, 2008